Second DC 600. Finalizing build. Thoughts?

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Second DC 600. Finalizing build. Thoughts?

Postby YaiiE » Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:33 am

After being let down by the Guitar Center and Sam Ash in Tampa I opted to head out to Clearwater to see their selection. Having tried the Wizard 3 necks and Pattern Thin of a PRS I wanted to try some thicker necks.

They didn’t have any CU 24s but they did have some SE models up at the top. I had asked if any of them were pattern regular or pattern necks... The salesman looked confused. He asked the “guitar expert” who was doing some ‘metal’ on this mini acoustic. What he was really trying to do was woo this hawt chick with his playing and I have to say she was falling for it? Needless to say I’ll be practicing my solo technique...

So when asked about the pattern regular the salesman said “uh I don’t know that’s really a trivial thing. Not something most people care about.”

He had no idea and instead of saying “I don’t know” in front of the resident hottie he shrugs me off like I’m crazy for asking?!

So I ended up trying out one of the SE models and unfortunately it was a pattern thin.

I ended up grabbing every “fat” guitar I could off of the shelves having assumed that the fat body would correlate to a fatter neck? At least that was my logic...

Eventually I came across a Les Paul. I’ve never played one before because I’ve always found them to be hideous. Though I will say the neck felt great! I wasn’t a fan of the radius or scale length but the neck felt perfect in my hands.

So I definitely want to go with a thicker neck! Just how thick?! I had read it’s possible to go above the thick neck option?

DC 600
Ash body
Flamed top
5 piece maple / walnut neck
SS Med jumbos
Ebony board
25 scale
10” radius
Fixed bridge
Thick neck option
Send in pickups (Duncan jb)
Delete tone knob
Place volume in tone location
Deep moss green
Trans green
Black burst
Black sides / Back
Gloss finish
White logo
Black hardware
ISOD inlays
Pearl inlay knob
Setup for drop d
Skinny top / heavy bottom strings

In my head it sounds perfect?! What’re your thoughts?

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Re: Second DC 600. Finalizing build. Thoughts?

Postby slayer » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:33 pm

These are good questions. I don`t like the LP 1960`s slim taper but really love the 1959 C Rounded neck. Carvins are a modified C neck profile. I have regular Carvin necks but have opted for the Thicker neck option on my new build. I am curious how if feels as well. I am about halfway until it is done.
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Re: Second DC 600. Finalizing build. Thoughts?

Postby DannyB819 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:15 pm

Both of my Carvins have the fatter neck profile and they're about 85% as great as the necks on my EBMM Axis and Luke 3. While nothing compares to an EBMM neck, the thick profile option I have on my Carvins is pretty freaking fantastic. I highly recommend.

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