Carvin - Kiesel Break Angles & Neck Joints Versus the Comp..

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Re: Carvin - Kiesel Break Angles & Neck Joints Versus the Comp..

Postby Cynical » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:51 am

The Kiesel is an Ultra V with a pointy inline reverse headstock; the Jackson is a 1997 KE3R (which also has a reverse pointy inline headstock). From what I've seen, the American neck-through Jacksons match the old MIJs in terms of neck angle (i.e., there is none) (EDIT: Of course there's no neck angle on the Jackson neck-throughs, they're neck-throughs... I really should have realized that it wasn't a question at all when I first made this post) and headstock break angle. Jacksons of that era, both MIA and MIJ, have a scarf joint, no volute; some of the newer import Jacksons have volutes, but I haven't seen an USA Jackson made in the last several years (the most recent one I've seen in person is a KV2T, which was discontinued several years ago), so I don't know if that change is import-exclusive.

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