Building a DC727, need finish help

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Building a DC727, need finish help

Postby that_6th_string » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:58 pm

So I'm considering a DC 727 and was confused with what finish to get. Then I ran into this youtube video -
and I'm really impressed with that Guitar's Finish! He says in the video it's walnut but in the guitar builder, I'm kinda confused on what to choose :P
This is what I selected :
MA- Maple neck/ Alder body (standard)
WT - Walnut Top
TF- Tung Oiled satin neck and body.
Do you think I'll get the exact same finish of the body? It's really hard to decide just by looking at the photos of the finish.
Thanks! :D

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re: Building a DC727, need finish help

Postby spudmunkey » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:02 am

That doesn't appear to be the plain walnut top to me. It looks more like the figured version, Claro Walnut. There is quite a bit of variation in Claro walnut Tops, as some are waiver and some are curvier and some are straighter and flamey-er. Follow this link, and select "figured walnut" in the "top wood" drop down menu (but no other selections, so as to see the most examples). ... ced+Search

It appears to have the standard alder body wings, and a 5-piece neck (likely maple and walnut). I think the body wings are alder because they are light in color (which could be maple, ash or alder), but are a little bit darker than the maple used in the neck, and a little more golden in coloring (but less so than mahogany).

It appears to me that the whole body is finished in the clear satin finish, while the neck seems like it's the tung oil finish. Hard to tell for sure. The clear satin will darken the color of the wood very slightly, and I think I saw the back of the neck looking lighter than the through-neck that is between the body wings...hard to tell on my iPad screen's terrible color.

Other options:
Rounded body sides
Pointy 4+3 or 3+4 headstock...don't remember if it's the regular orientation or reversed...
Abalone signature fretboard inlays
Likely upgraded the fetboard to the streak-free Ebony
Abalone headstock logo
Matching Claro walnut headstock overlay
Black hardware
Abalone-topped control knobs
Two coil split mini switches
Standard FT7 bridge

Can't tell from the video what the fetboard radius is, or what the fret material or size is.

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