Goatkeeper (2-stage tremolo/sequencer) demo

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Goatkeeper (2-stage tremolo/sequencer) demo

Postby Brian Johnston » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:40 am

This pedal can produce tremolo sounds from percussive to smooth. The MGK’s LFO generation consists of two stages, each with a range of multiplier values and waveform selection (sine, up ramp, down ramp, long square and pulse). The two stages can be run in one of four modes:

Sequential: The two stages are run one after the other
Composite: The two stages are run simultaneously and the effective waveform is a polyrhythmic composite of the two.
Modulation: The two stages are run simultaneously and the second waveform modulates the first waveform.
Single: First stage only for classic tremolo.


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