Downgrade Repair?

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Downgrade Repair?

Postby Mongoose_Eyeball » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:09 pm

I'm having trouble finding someone willing to work on my SH575.

Last year, the peizo output stopped working, then, a few months ago, the main volume pot got loose and floppy--the nut wasn't loose; the pot itself got wonky. It became noisy, then became sound/silence intermittent, then stopped working altogether.

I took the guitar to several local techs, none of whom wanted to deal with such a complex control cavity (between the piezo preamp and the MIDI board, there's a lot of stuff in there). One guy was willing to take it on, but he wasn't really qualified to do it and when I got it back from him, the volume would suddenly jump or dip drastically while I was playing (then, after a couple of weeks, it just stopped working again). I looked in the cavity, and he just made an awful, sloppy mess in there.

So I guess I'm asking whether any of you guys have ever sent your instruments in to have them reworked; I haven't used the 13-pin output in 2 or 3 years, and don't anticipate using it, so I'm wondering whether Kiesel customer service offers any sort of "downgrade repair," whereby I could send the guitar in and they could replace the guts in the control cavity, leaving the MIDI stuff off (and essentially transforming the guitar into a 550). Once the MIDI elements were gone, I think future repairs would be easier, in that I wouldn't get turned down by repair guys so much.

Anybody tried this?

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