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MUST READ > Welcome to BBS3.0

Postby Kevio » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:41 am

OK, it looks like the new board is up and running. There were numerous issues with the data conversion, because of course there were, but I think we're good now. All things considered, it went better than I expected or hoped. Now, it's your turn to try to break it.

Two important things right now:

- Private messages do not appear to be working - they aren't sending. Not sure why; I'll be digging into this shortly. Annoying, but not a show-stopper. (NOW FIXED)

- As previously mentioned, the search indices need to be rebuilt. This is an automated process, but slow and resource-intensive. I'll probably wait and start it later tonight, while I'm cleaning up the dust. So, searches will not work right now.

There's a "Bug Report" topic in the Website Suggestions forum, right here: Let me know what you see. There will undoubtedly be bugs scattered around - this was a complete, ground-up rebuild, and it's just not possible to test everything.

There's a test topic here for you to play around with the new features:

By all means, play around. Post stuff. See what's what. However, and this is important, don't assume that anything you post today will be permanent. If something is uncovered that required a re-install, rollback to 2.0 or whatever, anything posted from this point forward will be lost. I don't see that happening, but never say never.

Probably wouldn't hurt to clear your browser cache and cookies, especially if you logged into the sandbox (because the URL path changed).

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