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BBS Rules and Etiquette

Postby Kevio » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:27 am

I want to take a second to reiterate the BBS Rules, as well as provide a few BBS etiquette notes. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

The Rules - same as are at the top of the page:

a. For issues with shipping, delivery, repairs or complaints, please use the CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES page. Posting a complaint, order status update, etc on the BBS will not get you the answers you need. The CS people may not even see it. If you have a CS issue, call, or use the Customer Service page.

b. No private auctions, sales, advertising or services allowed. If you have something to sell, there is a For Sale Forum on the Carvin Museum Forums. Please use that, instead. Topics violating this rule will be promptly deleted.

c. No profanity, defamatory posts, topics speaking poorly of people, topics of religious or political nature or stating incorrect facts about Carvin and other products. That's pretty self explanatory. And lots of people ask for help here regarding Carvin gear - if you're not sure of the right answer, defer to someone who knows. This will eliminate a lot of confusion.

The views and opinions expressed on the Carvin Forums are solely the responsibility of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Carvin Corporation. The administrators will block all e-mail addresses violating the established BBS rules. Topics that are not based on Carvin Gear or experiences with Carvin Gear will be subject to prompt deletion.


No "pointless posting"

This is the act of posting a single line of text (or a smiley) which adds nothing to a discussion other than length (such as "Me, too!"), or posting topics that have nothing to do with the current discussion. Additionally, this can be posting for the sake of just posting, without providing anything useful or relevant to the BBS.

Why it's bad: It fills up the database behind the site, making the Forum run slower. It also means that people are less likely to continue to read the thread, if all they see is loads of people saying "Me too!", which is a shame as they might have something useful to contribute. Additionally, the Moderators and Admins try to read every post up here, so weeding through a bunch of pointless posts is time consuming.

The official position: Pointless posting posts will be deleted. Topics that are multiple pages in length where only 2 or 3 people are chatting pointlessly back and forth will be deleted.

No "score-pumping"

Ah, the act of posting and then replying to yourself in order to increase your overall number of posts and thereby what you perceive as your standing in the community. This kinda goes hand-in-hand with pointless posting.

Why it's bad: Again, it fills up space in the database that could be being used for something more useful. There's no prize for having the most posts. Additionally, it wastes a massive amount of the Moderators and Admins time.

The official position: Posts will be deleted. If necessary, the post count function will be removed, so no one will have a post count total.

No "deep linking" or "hot linking"

Deep linking (or hot linking) is where you include an image (be it avatar, profile pic, or simply inclusion in a post or article) from another web site, without their permission by using a reference to it, say by using it in an {IMG} tag. Note that this is different from providing a link to a picture, since by using a link, you're informing people that it's from a different source. Saving a picture into your photobucket account and posting it is OK, but linking directly off another side should be avoided.

Why it's bad: Every time you deep link, you are using that site's bandwidth for a purpose other than that which they have provided it to you for. As a result, every time that picture is used somewhere, it is stealing bandwidth from someone. Webmasters check their logs, and I've gotten quite a few emails from other webmasters telling me that the CM forums are sucking lots of their bandwidth. Conversely, I have huge amounts of bandwidth sucked from me from people hotlinking to CM images. I don't mind hotlinking between here and the CM forums or vice-versa, but let's leave other sites out of it.

The official position: Out of respect for other webmasters, deep-linked images will be removed.

No "trolling"

Trolling is the writing of a post with the specific intent of garnering an angry response from an individual or group of individuals - also known as "starting a flame war".

Why it's bad: Flame wars eat bandwidth. They serve no purpose other than to get people angry at each other, which in a small community website is a bad thing. Remember, when you post something mean or rude, you're taking to an actual person on the other end.

The official position: Blatant trolls will be banned, and their posts deleted.

No Flaming

"Flaming" is name-calling, insulting other members (or manufacturers) and similar behavior. It will not be tolerated here. Period.

The official position: Flamers will be banned from the board.

Avoid "cross-posting"

Always try to post where it is appropriate to do so.
Why it's bad: People go to a specific part of the site for specific things. It helps them find things if they're grouped sensibly.

The official position: Threads will be moved if necessary. Multiple threads about the same topic in different forums will be deleted.
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re: BBS Rules and Etiquette

Postby Bundy » Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:45 pm

There has been a few incidents lately where "flaming" and personal attacks have occured. I'd like to remind you again that this will NOT be tolerated and as a result members will be (and already have been) banned for these actions.

I'd like to ask everyone to please read the rules that govern this forum once again and remind yourselves that posting here is a privilege. We'd like this forum to be an enjoyable and informational experience for all users. Thank you.
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