July 1988 Guitar Player-New Blog Post

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July 1988 Guitar Player-New Blog Post

Postby eichaan » Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:26 am

Hi: I've got a new post on my blog, looking at the Guitar Player Magazine issue from 30 years ago. Jerry Garcia was on the cover and there was a lengthy review of the "Crossroads" box set of Eric Clapton's music. Additionally, I have some thoughts about the health then and now of the guitar industry and discuss an article with guitar makers Roger Sadowsky and Jay Black who argue in favor of buying better guitars rather than upgrading parts on inferior instruments. I hope you find it interestingNew blog post: 30 Years Ago in Guitar Player. Articles on @EricClapton 's "Crossroads" box set and a cover feature on @jerrygarcia . Plus some musings about the health of the guitar industry then and now and arguments for and against upgrading guitars.

https://icarusanybody.blogspot.com/2018 ... go-in.html


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