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Vader Trem Issues

Postby Klarts » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:42 pm

Hi, there’s an issue with the hipshot trem on my Vader where whenever I depressed the bar down, the pivot points on the trem pops out of the groove on the mounting studs. When this happens, you can hear an audible popping sound. Is this normal behavior for the trem or is there a defect on mine?

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Re: Vader Trem Issues

Postby UnexplodedCow » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:42 am

It certainly should not be popping like that. Are you positive the pivots on the main plate are in the stud grooves? Is the whole unit level with the guitar top? Are the posts leaning at all (relative to the guitar top)? What is the spring setup underneath?

It sounds like the stability is pretty decent, but the pop/clunk is strange for sure. It almost sounds like it's shifting sideways a little, or that it's not in the groove. I had that happen once, when changing strings on my Z6X, and realized my error. Since then I change one string at a time.

If you have other pictures, please post, specifically if there is any post lean, or if the vibrato isn't flat, and maybe spring orientation on the back.

Also, check the pivot post itself. Kiesel has slightly different posts per side, which is a departure from the Hipshot design. it provides more range, though it could make things more finicky. The bass side's pivot pin should be a rounded concave type, and the treble side pin pivot should be more like a V, as it interacts with the two pins on the main plate. If the bass side has a V type of pin, I can see that causing a clunk.
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