Thunderium BASS PICKUPS!!

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Thunderium BASS PICKUPS!!

Postby Dometalican » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:54 pm

Thinking of Kiesel's multi-scale basses, I thought of a potential new offering:

As we know, Kiesel doesn't make multi-scale 6-string basses because the P2-sized pickups are too small. Then come the THUNDERIUMS!!!

They can be P4-sized pickups that can be ordered with Standard 5 and 6-string basses as well as offer them on their multi-scale 5 and multiscale 6 string basses. They can come as Humbuckers, Single coils, and P-version where their output is even louder than the Radiums (which DEFINITELY rules out Active electronics), in radiused blade form (for a nice, deadly look), and have crisp treble and bass for an explosive (maybe even...THUNDEROUS...) tone to set it apart from the others. Knowing how good Carvin/Kiesel are at pickups, they could even make rolling the volume down as a way to even out the tone to still get a little funky tone out of it where slaps jump right out of the amp.

TBH, this is mainly to accommodate and allow 6-string Multi-scale basses to finally hit the horizon but to offer it in the standard 5 and 6-string would provide more usefulness to coming out with this line of pickups. What do you guys think?
Rig goals:
1 A6C
2 AC375 (or AC475; 7-string preferred)
3 Carvin V3412
4 X64
5 Carvin BX1600
6 DC700C (27" scale)
7 Extended scale or Multiscale 6-string Bass
8 AM8/KVM8
9 K6CX/SCB6CX/DC6CX (26.5"/27" scale)
For fun:
10. CT73C
11. V59K/LB75

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