Flame maple or purpleheart fingerboard?

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Flame maple or purpleheart fingerboard?

Postby Sammeto » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:37 am

Hi pals!

I'm a spanish fan of Kiesel that is about to join the family soon :D

I am pretty sure about the specs that I want on my first build, that will be:

Aries A6X 6 string with Hipshot/Kiesel tremolo system
LMB - Maple Neck/Black Limba Body
CG - Clear Gloss Finish (Standard)
FDN - Deep Nightburst Flame
5ML - 5-Piece Maple Neck w/ 2 Black Limba Stripes
THNN - Thinner Neck Profile
6IN - Pointed Straight 6 Inline Headstock (Standard)
FPH - Flamed Maple Headstock Matches Body Finish
FMF - Flamed Maple Fingerboard (Tung-Oiled)
IKSD - 12th Fret K Logo w/ Staggered Offset Dots
IA - Abalone Inlay Material
R20 - 20in Fretboard Radius (N/A w/ Floyd Rose)
BC - Black Hardware

But then my eyes catch this photo


that is very close to what I want but with purpleheart fretboard. And I must say that is rad!

My concern is that I am confident about the care of a maple fretboard (got some guitars already with it) but I have no idea about the purpleheart. I made a little research and all I get is that the purpleheart finally turns brown, and that is what fear most, to lose that purple look.

So I beg for any advice from anyone who already dealt with purpleheart as fretboard, in terms of caring and how to preserve the color, to make sure I make the right choice.

Thank you all fellas!

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Re: Flame maple or purpleheart fingerboard?

Postby ToneWood » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:19 am

Yes it will turn from purple to brown-ish with time. When and how dark is unpredictable, maybe 5-10 yrs, and depends on a lot of variables. But it will turn. A UV-protective coating or finish can slow down or almost eliminate the change. I don't know if Kiesel uses anything or not.

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