It's official: KieselGuitarsBBS end of life: 9/30/2022

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It's official: KieselGuitarsBBS end of life: 9/30/2022

Postby spudmunkey » Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:08 pm

I've been given some sad news to share with you all this evening.

The Kiesel Guitars BBS will turned off at the end of the month.

I've been sending in bug reports for the virtual builder since its launch, and after one of the most recent back-and-forths with them, they included this information, and asked me to share it with y'all. Here is the email I received*:
"Since the BBS is directly connected to our webserver from our old website, we are going to be getting rid of it at the end of the month. We are going to point everyone to our Facebook group, so we have our communications in one place. The BBS has not been monitored by our staff in a very long time, since usage is way way down. I know there is a lot of information on the BBS that is going to be lost when this happens and unfortunately that is going to be part of this final disconnect. We know there will be people who are mad/disappointed about this, and we apologize for the inconvenience and hope these people will move over to our Facebook group instead."
(*I'll note that a couple of lines of this email were tweaked to include info from multiple emails, so it's technically a paraphrase, about 96% verbatim quote)

Honestly, I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has, especially since there wasn't even a link to the forum since the main website redesign last summer. It's been literally years since most of the current staff have even logged in.

So, yeah.

Since I can't imagine any amount of Image and moaning will actually help anything :lol: (yes, I'm cheating to squeeze that word in sue me :lol:), let's try to keep conversation civil, which has been a hallmark of this forum for as long as I've been a member here. Granted, while 14 years seems like a long time to me, I know there are many members here who have been a part of previous iterations of the Kiesel/Carvin forums/BBSes years prior, and aside from what I've heard described as "the wild years" (before my time :lol:), the whole time I've been a member, this place has been a much-appreciated bastion of calm in the storm of the rest of the internet.

So in the spirit of continued general positivity, I'd like to thank Kevio, the head honcho, for putting so much of his own time, effort, resources, and mental bandwidth into making this place happen, and helping it evolve into the place we've known and loved for years.

Also, Thanks Kev for keeping the forum easy to use. I'm a member of other phpBB and vBulletin-based forums, and some of them are a mess (or at least an eyesore). Ha! So thanks for keeping things streamlined and relatively simple to use for new folks coming on board. A lot of other boards are much harder to use.


And I'd also like to say "Thank you!" to all of the moderators who've volunteered their time over the years to keep the armies of spammers, bots, and rabble-rousers at bay. Compared to other corners of the internet, it's clear those Rules A, B, and C at the top of the page have been doing a lot of heavy lifting in that regard for sure. Ha! But even with those in place, the moderators here have done an admiral job keeping this here outpost a generally peaceful oasis to spend a lot of time, having fun and informative conversations. I've appreciated having a cool-tempered, family-friendly place to share pics, knowledge, history, and experiences of my favorite guitars, basses, and (for a while) amps/audio gear and the mods have been a big part of that, for sure.


As much as it sucks as a platform for long-running conversations, I'm always around (and I know some others here are too) the Kiesel Guitars Carvin Guitars Group on Facebook. It's a great place to share pictures, and one can usually get answers to questions pretty quickly, which is a handy resource. I'm also necrojoe, if you see my replies on Kiesel's Instagram.

See y'all on the other side...


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