Will these Duncans fit direct mount Kiesel routes?

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Will these Duncans fit direct mount Kiesel routes?

Postby telemike » Wed Nov 17, 2021 5:23 am

Thinking about putting a Filtertron style in my Solo. Will these fit the humbucker routes? These are drop-in humbucker size replacements.


The full-throated snap and twang of the classic Filter’Tron, in a direct-replacement humbucker size.


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Re: Will these Duncans fit direct mount Kiesel routes?

Postby ElfDude » Wed Nov 17, 2021 7:00 am

On a Solo it should be okay.
I can't promise with 100% certainty, but they should fit.

And what a cool idea! Turn that Solo into a rockabilly monster!
Does it have a trem?
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Re: Will these Duncans fit direct mount Kiesel routes?

Postby helldorado » Sun Nov 21, 2021 1:16 pm

The psyclones should be just fine. There are 3 key areas you have to worry about when swapping pickups.

1 - Pickup cavity corners. Kiesels that were direct mount, but before they started offering covered pickups again have rounder edges. The psyclones are pretty round, and if your Kiesel is in the past couple years, it should have more squared offed cavity corners, which accommodate more pickups. The psyclones themselves are not physically larger than a standard covered pickup, so that's not a worry.

2 - Mounting feet shape - There's a slight rounding to the edges of the feet mount areas on Kiesels so pickups with wide and very squared off feet sometimes need to be shaved down. The tri-tab psyclone feet shape are perfect.

3 - Leg depth. Just be sure to compensate for any difference in the leg depth between the two pickups with the pickup mounting screws. Kiesel's pickups being flat bottom, people don't consider that any kind of additional leg depth needs to be accounted for on the screw or it goes that much deeper into the body. Which is why people have them pop out unexpectedly on the other side!

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