Gabriel Guardian

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Gabriel Guardian

Postby Dtoelectric1 » Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:49 am

Anyone else in the community Immortal Guardian fans ? Their new album just hit iTunes this year and I gotta say this band is top notch in every category. Gabriel Guardian is a monster he is becoming one of my favorite guitarists he’s got it all and of course he plays Kiesel which is what attracted me to the brand .
Iam very eclectic with my music and like every genre basically but My favorite band of all time is Rush and my favorite guitar player of all time is Vinne Moore so those are some of my back ground artists that have lead me to like Immortal guardian . And I love GVF also so there are some newer bands that are starting to get me interested in new music again .

I took my son to see Marty Friedman in PA 2 years ago and Immortal Guardian were opening for him by chance and we never heard of them before and they sound every bit as good live than the album the singer is top notch with an incredible range which is as good live as the studio and would put him in the vain of Geoff Tate Michael Sweet and Bruce Dickinson . We were hanging with them watching Marty tear it up by their merch table and they were very cool and accessible guys it was an awesome show . My Favorite songs on the new album are Clocks , lockdown and Read between the lines , They also have videos out for those 3 songs that are killer I saw them last night in an interview thread and I think they are on you tube also. Let me know if you guys are liking as much as I do .

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Re: Gabriel Guardian

Postby robertpapay » Mon Apr 12, 2021 2:04 pm

i saw them with marty friedman in cleveland and yes they are very down to earth. i asked gabriel where did he get that guitar with a keyboard fret board and he handed it off stage to me to check out.

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